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For any enterprise (federal or commercial) to become aligned, optimized, transparent and agile, the business has to be managed from a process perspective. A business is driven not by a single process but by hundreds of processes. Some processes are mission-critical to the overall value chain whereas other processes operate in a supporting role. These processes should be documented, analyzed and optimized, their mutual dependencies understood, along with their strategic importance and their alignment with strategic goals and objectives. Once the processes have been discovered, documented and analyzed, they can be improved - executed at lower cost with higher quality, performance, visibility or adaptability.

BPM Is The Next Step

Enter the Business Process Management (BPM) tools and the promise to let the business users design processes and implement solutions in near real time. In our experience, BPM has a lot of promise, but as with any emerging paradigm, it is not the tool that will make you successful but the way you manage, implement and use the tool.


Appertian’s take is that for BPM initiatives to be successful, the groundwork (i.e. the framework, the initial focus of BPM, governance etc) is as important as the choice of the tool. Appertain delivers results oriented consulting for both Business Process Analysis (up front assessment and groundwork) and BPMS (tool selection and implementation).

Our Focus

Appertain delivers results oriented consulting where we tie in Enterprise Architecture to BPM via capability maps that cut across corporate functions and locations. Our focus is on Appian BPM and Oracle BPM tools and they enable us to implement an integration framework for BPM that includes both Process Modeling and Executable Design including the Human Task Framework, the Integration Framework and the Business Rules Framework.