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Appertain's Operations and Performance capabilities focus on incremental operational optimization and performance tuning. In our view, enterprises need a balance between optimizing the core (business processes and IT) while trying to achieve improvements that result in maximum impact. At the same time, we believe in building in a measure and respond system and culture in any operations focused work we do.


Appertain has developed our Operations and Performance capabilities to asnwers questions including the following:

  • How to optimize for maximum impact?
  • Where is my essential data?
  • How can I fine tune my IT for operational excellance?

Our cross-functional services that are part of the Operations and Performance capability are:

  • Business Process Modeling and Enablement
  • Business Process Optimization
  • BPM Application Performance Tuning
  • Decision Analysis and Data Architecture
  • IT Cost Optimization
  • SharePoint Performance Tuning