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Appertain is a small disadvantage business (SDB) focusing on delivering quality management consulting services in strategic management, decision analytics, business process management, IT strategy, and solution engineering.

Appertain, as the name suggests, strives to relate to the client’s goals, issues, needs and demands. We believe most of the issues in business and IT stem from the lack of or skewed understanding of relationship(s) (and motives) between different entities and stakeholders engaged in the process of realizing business performance. Appertain believes in uncovering those relationships and motivations and address them using proven architecture and process management techniques.

Our motto is to live up to the Latin proverb, multum in parvo (A Lot from Little) - that being what we provide to our clients, or to our employees and partners.

Our Philosophy

Governments and companies implement IT solutions to improve performance, lower costs, improve worker productivity and enhance visibility into the state of the business. However, in the face of rapid changes in technology, legislation and knowledge, organizations need to become agile enough to respond quickly.

The necessity to become more efficient, responsive, attentive, and cost conscious, and to work faster than in the past has become more urgent as a result of budget cuts in the case of public sector and globalization in the case of private industry where competitors can, and do, appear from anywhere.

We believe an Adaptive, Dynamic, Flexible and Agile Enterprise is the answer and the new mantra.